Land Art Project

Artists from the Four Corners will meet on the Isle of Ruegen in September to create Land Art. The event is designed to create a forum for Artists and showcase how the nature can be ued to create Art. Artists from each of the Four Corners will participate in creating land art. The art will be photographed and exhibited across the region. The event will take place from the 17th to the 27th of September 2009. The event is organised by Ellen Kock. For more information read here Monumentsoftransiency.pdf

Political Steering Group meeting
The Political Steering Group for the Four Corners collaboration met in Ystad on theyouthpartnersbornholm 5th May 2009. The major issues on the agenda was the reporting from and discussion on a possible continuation of the so far successful Youth activities. It was agreed to explore options for future funding as well as a possible evaluation. The other major point was a presentation of the strategic frame for the goals and results to be achieved in the Four Corners Heritage Project. It was agreed that the strategic frame provides the overall frame for the goal and the vision focusing on increased numbers of tourist in and around the small harbours. The strategic frame will be published in May 2009 based on a last round of comments. The PSG meeting was held in parallel to a major event in the Youth Group. The picture shows two of the Bornholm youth participants together with the two politicians Bente Johansen and Carl Ilsoe from Bornholm.
Strategy and work plan coordination April 2009

 svenskflagTechnical experts and coordinators from the South Baltic Four Corners met in Sweden to finalise the Strategic Framework and coordinate the work plans. The strategic direction, the vision and the goals for the Sustainable Destination have been agreed. The overall vision is to work toward the achievement of South Baltic Four Corners as the most sustainable destination in Europe. The goal is 10% increased tourists in and around the small harbours. The sharing of a common vision and an agreed goal is a great step forward to secure successful implementation of the many activities. The implementation of activities will centre around the small harbours. Visitors will arrive in the small harbours from the sea, with cars, hiking or biking. They will use the small harbours as the departure point for exploring the heritage and planning the on-ward journey.


Achiving a common understanding and an agreed vision was a solid success for the technical experts and the coordinators. The future activities can all work towards the achievement of increased number of visitors in and around the small harbours.

Management meeting in Swinoujscie February 2009
The Management Team from the Four Corners meet to discussswin the strategic frame and the concepts for the project. The meeting agreed on a general understanding that the strategic frame is a description of the longer term vision for the Four Corner sustainable destination. The concepts are a pooling of activities that can be supported locally or with groupfeb09external EU support. All activities will contribute to the broader vision. The activities are managed by the components like the Harbour Group or the Cultural Heritage Group in close collaboration with the Tourism Group. The role of the Tourism group is to ensure that what ever is done will and can lead to "increased amounts of tourits in and around the small harbours in the South Baltic Four Corners. The meeting was held during on of the most beautiful winters day
Management meeting in Ystad December 2008

The Four Corners partners met in Ystad before christmas. The purpose of the meeting was partly to share the information about South Baltic Project reporting and financial reporting based on the knowledge input from Gdansk. The second part of the meeting focused on the joint development of a strategic frame to guide the work. While the project application includes outputs to be achieved then these outputs needs to be translated into a broader vision - how does the project fit into the broader perspective of the Four Corner collaboration. The outputs also needed to be specified into practical coordinated work plans. This meeting turned out to be essential for the united understanding of the purpose of the project. Lots of laughs were enjoyed while we realised how words are interpreted differently. The meeting was a great beginning to a longer strategic work process.



Gdansk Lead Partner Seminar 9 December 2008

southbalticleadpartnersThe Lead Partners for the new South Baltic Programme Projects participated in a project management seminar in Gdansk early December 2008. The purpose of the seminar was to learn about the new reporting and communication requirements. The seminar provided an opportunity to discuss project collaboration and to be guided through the rules and formats for financial reporting. Bornholm was represented by Niels Cresten Andersen as the overall EU coordinator; Helene Rask Grøn as the Four Corner Heritage Project Leader; Karen Lynn Jacobsen as the overall financial manager, Kristine Friis Nielsen as EU financial manager and Belinda Sonne Andersen as financial controller for the Four Corner Heritage Project,


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