Country Poland

Region West Pomeranian
Municipality Swinoujscie

Area 197 km2 ( 72 sq mi)
Population 40,899 (in 2006)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)



Website: www.swinoujscie.pl/  for tourism information or

visit www.muzeum-swinoujscie.pl (local museum web-site)

Stretched out over 44 islands

swinouijscheLocated in the extreme north-west of Poland, in the Pomerania region of sea and sand, Swinoujscie is unique. Unlike any other town in the country, it is actually stretched out over 44 islands, though only three are polupated. This wildly romantic setting is home to a bustling fishing port, naval base and beach resort. It is well worth exploring, at any time of the year. 

Thanks to its island location, Swinoujscie is one of the most beautiful towns on the Polish coast, and it also has one of the most interesting geographical stories to tell.  The city is spread over 44 islands of which three - Uznam, Wolin and Karsibor - are populated. The three islands are developed in terms of infrastructure, transport, services and economic bases. The services and development are clearly divided between the islands, and as such, each island retains its own unique character and attractions.

Uznam: an island in 2 countries.

The local governmental administration and a number of spas and health centers are on Uznam Island. What also makes this particular island intersting is that only 40 sq km of it's 420 sq km are located in Poland. The largest part of Uznam is actually located on the German side of the border. 80% of Swinoujscie residents live on Uznam-Island. This makes the town and island an interesting linguistic and cultural mixture of Polish and German, which is reflected in the street life, the food and the cultural celebrations.

Island of Wolin

The island of Wolin, which has an area of 265 sq km, is the largest Polish island and its home to Swinoujscie's industrial area. Since the extremely important gerry terminal is located on Wolin, as is the state railway systsem, it is the center of economy and commerce and sees continous naval traffic between  Scandinavia and Poland. Wolin is also used as an intersection for internationl naval traffic. As such, it has a more rough-and-tumble character than the other two islands, as it is the entry point for visiting sailors. Sailors may stop over for a refreshing stay involving beer, music, good food and entertainment.

Island of Karsibor

The third island is Karsibor, and it is completely different from Uznam and Wolin yet again: it is known for its crystal clear waters, summer water sports and lush greenery. Bird lovers and agrotourists will also appreciate the Karsiborska Kepa bird reserve which gives protection to almost 140 birds species. Some very rare, almost extinct. THis makes Karsibor a must-visit location for ornithologists and photograpers. In the colder mondth, the appeal of the water and beaches may be limited, but walks through the woods and parks hold a real attraction for visitors all year round.
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