South East Skåne

Country Sweden

Southeast Skåne Committee of Cooperation is a cooperation between the four municiaplities:

Simrishamn, Ystad, Tomelilla and Sjöbo
Population: 79,000
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

Website: www.sydostskane.se



Simrishamn Municipality incl. tourism information: www.simrishamn.se
Sjöbo Municipality incl. tourism information: www.sjobo.se
Tomelilla Municipality incl. tourism information: www.tomelilla.se
Ystad Municipality incl. tourism infromation: www.ystad.se
Culinary heritage - European network: www.culinary-heritage.com

South East Skåne is part of Skåne County, which is the southern most county of Sweden. Skåne County is subdivided into 33 municipalities of which 4 collectively form SÖSK and constitute the one member of the Southern Baltic Four Corner. The municipalities have municipal governments, similar to city commissions and are further divided into parishes. The parish division is traditionally used by the Church of Sweden.

The businesses of the region are many and varied; most are small or middle sized. Tourism, commerce, service, food related industries and farming dominate.

The region has or is close to many excellent national and international centres of communication. There are daily ferry services to Bornholm and Swinoujscie in Poland. Since 2000, a high-speed catamaran has trafficked the waters between Ystad and Rönne, which means that Bornholm is now just 3 hours from Copenhagen by car or train.
Three international airports serve the region, Sturup, between Ystad and Malmö, Everöd, just south of Kristianstad and Kastrup at the Danish side of the Öresund Bridge. Short haul destinations include the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Great Britain and there are long-haul flights to and from many international destinations.

The light and varied landscape of Southeast Skåne has fascinated and attracted artists and craftsmen for hundreds of years. A fact that has resulted in a rich and varied culture - there are many museums and art galleries.

The European network Regional Culinary Heritage, which started in Southeast Skåne, is now well established in many European regions. The idea of the project is to make it easy for residents and visitors to find and enjoy local dishes, specialities and ingredients.

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