News from Swinoujscie

In the second part of the school year the Polish Corner has encountered several obstacles on their way and has achieved a few successes. On the last meeting in the Entrepreneurship Group it was decided to encourage local coffeeshops, stores and other services to create student discounts in exchange for placing their advertisements at our school and on our website. Polish members sent out the letters, which unfortunately met with a cold reaction - not a single firm answered the letter.

The Promotion Group created a Four Corners Contest as a School Event, informing students of our activities and the attractions that are unique to our regions. All the needed materials are prepared and the contest will be held in June. What's more, the group actively took part in our school's Open Day. A presentation about the project was given to the junior high school students who came to visit our school and we prepared a small treat for the guests, too - we baked the traditional cakes of all four corners and they filled the school with beautiful smell! Naturally, the treat was rewarded with an honest enthusiasm from our future students.

What is more, Personal Finances' members invited the bank representatives to have lectures in our schools. The lectures are to be conducted in first and second grades and their target is to broaden students' knowledge about managing their money.

In The Education Group there was an idea to create a student exchange in four corners. The group has already talked to the school headmaster and received an agreement, so we can go ahead with the project in the next school year.

The Health Group refrained from organising a concert with local musicians due to the complexity and high costs of the project. Polish leader of the group has recently graduted from high school, but earlier this year she passed her duties on to a Danish member. The remaining two Polish Health group members are developing a way to gather information about the nature of the prejudices in order to plan events targeting those particular issues during the upcoming Parliament.

Three representatives of our Corner, including the vice-president, were present at the regional meeting with politicians of all four corners which took place in Świnoujście in April. During the meeting they presented the activities of the Parliament and the benefits of the program from the point of view of students. The school project supervisor presented the teacher's opinion, too.

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