Youth Board meeting in Ystad, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark 3-5th March 2013.

The Four Corners Youth Board met in Ystad on 3rd March 2013. Besides participating in their

relevant working groups, the students participated in a presentation of the Baltic Sea Stategy,

given by Mr. Niels Chresten Andersen, head of Europe Direct Bornholm.

The meeting continued the following day with a study visit to Copenhagen, where the group visited

MindLab, which focuses on innovation of public sector solutions.

The participants were informed of a case study of youths and personal finances.

The students participated in a brainstorming activity connected with the same issue.


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 aimg 3149

There was also the opportunity to hear a presentation given by Ms. Jette Esager Rasmussen from the

Danish Agency for Univiersities and Internationalism.

aimg 3162

The presentation given was a short introduction of the Youth in Action Programme.

The final day of the youth board meeting was spent in Ystad, where the students worked within  their working groups.

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