Four Corners study visit on Rügen
Photographer Egon Nehls

Photographer Egon Nehls


The Four Corners’ study visit in the guestharbours on the island of Rügen May 5-6, turned out to be a travel through futuristic themes, innovative ideas, and witness new sources of inspiration.

Harbour masters, translators and representatives from the Four Corners cooperation, met, yet again, to learn from each other on how to develop our small harbour and costal areas. This time, the meeting took place on the island of Rügen.

Eager and prepared for two intensive days of harbour- visits, discussions, idea sharing and new inspiration, the Four Corners met in a wonderful bakery close to the main habour, which the Swedish and Danish delegations arrive at. We went through the schedule over lunch, after which it was time for our first destination of the day; Harbour Seedorf.

Prora- an abandoned building concept

On the way to Seedorf we stopped by Prora, a massive abandoned building concept, built during time the Third Reich architecture was at its height. After this cultural experience we took the bus to the harbour.

Seedorf- in the nature

Like the island itself, it amazed us all with its beautiful surroundings, its green nature and the many hills. The harbour itself was owned by a Mrs. Abraham and her husband, who worker together to develop it. She described how they had turned an old fire station into a harbour-bar, and how pleasing the guests was their first priority.

Putbus- a futuristic harbour

From this idyllic little harbour, we drove to the next. This one was called “Im-Jaich” and was situated in the city of Putbus. Here the theme was the future, with popular guesthouses floating on water, new being built on poles, water sports being practiced, a train station available, and all kinds of facilities and machines to take care of boats all year round.

In the afternoon we arrived at the small harbour in Schaprode. It looked very nice at this time of the day, and we could also spot the island of Hiddense from here. We were told that ferries were cruising between the islands, which we unfortunately did not have time to see.

Altefär- where different sailors meet

The next morning we started with a visit in the small harbour in Altefähr. It was a rather large, public owned harbour, with an astonishing view over the city on the other side. It distinguished itself by having fishermen selling mackerel in April, and children coming on sailing camps during the warmer months of the year.

Glowe- a harbour with an eco-theme

After some final idea- and opinion sharing the Four Corners delegation “set sail” for the small harbour in Glowe. There the theme was eco; no cars were allowed in the costal area. We had our walk through a promenade overlooking the sea and the beautiful beach, and when we arrived in the harbour we were warmly welcomed by the harbourmaster, his wife and the crew working there. It was a small but nicely finished harbour, with modern facilities and wonderful position, in the northern part of the island.

Lohme- at the bottom of a scrape

Later, after many moments of great discussions, from facilities, to regattas to international cooperation, and a picture for the local press, we gathered in a restaurant to sum up the trip. Here the ideas were exchanged, future developments discussed and overall enjoyment about the visit expressed. As a final destination we stopped at the harbour in Lohme, where the harbour was placed down a scrape, with special needs and really interesting solutions for whatever problems its position might bring.

Despite the tight schedule the whole trip was certainly a unique experience for all of us.

Jessika Vammerlund,

intern at Four Corners, Ystad

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