Tourism promotion

The South Baltic Four Corners works together to increase the volumen of tourism activities. Each corner has it's own marketing strategy, and jointly the Corners have developed an identity. A South Baltic Four Corners identity.

The promotion group tailors marketing towards attracting more visitors in and around the maritime destinations. The main target groups are:

Families with children as well as the elder generation (WHOP - wealthy, healthy older people).

The aim is to achieve the super goal of : 10% increase in visitors in and around the Four Corner's small harbours by 2014. The success will be measured agains the achievement of the promotional goals:

  • A positive image as a attractive tourism destination
  • Growing awareness among the people within the South Baltic Four Corners by 20%
  • Growing numbers of tourists travelling within the destination between the corners
  • More bed nights and more sailors in and around the small harbours

These specific goals will be monitored and adjusted as part of the implemetnation. The goals are used as supporting tools to achieve the super goal of 10% increase in visitors in and around the Four Corner small harbours by 2014.

More information

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Southeast Skaane
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