Projects before 2008

The Four Corners have more similarities than differences

The Southern Baltic Four Corners have collaborated on Project activities over the past more than ten years. Great many activities and events have been created with the purpose of re-uniting the region. That the Four Corners have been separated by an iron curtain for much of the second half of the 20th century with Skåne and Bornholm on one side and Swinoujscie and Rügen on the other does not mean that these neighbours are strangers to each other. In fact the opposite is closer to the truth!

Both the nature and the residents of the Four Corners have much in common. For a start, the four regions have many historical ties and many traditions are very similar if not identical.

For many generations the Baltic herring was the staple diet of the region and there are many similarities around the coasts. The building techniques and styles of the region have also influenced each other.

To highlight the similarities that do and have existed for hundreds of years, the Four Corners have started up various projects, these have resulted in publications about the gardens and parks of the South Baltic region and the architectural heritage of this beautiful part of Europe.

Every year the Four Corners organises a regatta and boat race which takes the competitors to each of the Four Corners. The FC Race begins at the height of the summer when the sea and weather are on their best behaviour!

The cultural differences between the Four Corners are highlighted during the Culture Week, which have taken place in September and October every year. During this period artists, artisans, curators, citizens and tourists visit the neighbouring regions to learn more about their common heritage!

Some of the past projects are displayed on the home page. If you are looking for information from the past that is not on display here then Please contact one of the Four Corner coordinators.

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