You know a man by what he eats

Wherever you travel, there is always something new to learn about and new dishes to try. To taste regional foods made from local ingredients is a very good way of getting to know the region and its people.

The Culinary Heritage project is a European wide project that encourages regions to display and exploit their own regional culinary heritage.

Each of the Four Corners of the South Baltic has its own specialities – a good example of this is the wide variety of herring dishes.

Each of the Four Corners works hard to promote its own Regional Culinary Heritage and learn from others. Chefs travel from one region to the other to learn and teach, and food company representatives, food producers and restaurants have learned to respect their own culinary traditions to the benefit of the countryside and local businesses.

Buying ingredients that have been grown or reared at the place of purchase is a guarantee of freshness and quality. The well publicised Culinary Heritage sign is displayed outside participating restaurants, shops and food producers who care about their regional culinary heritage!
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