Strategy and work plan coordination April 2009

 svenskflagTechnical experts and coordinators from the South Baltic Four Corners met in Sweden to finalise the Strategic Framework and coordinate the work plans. The strategic direction, the vision and the goals for the Sustainable Destination have been agreed. The overall vision is to work toward the achievement of South Baltic Four Corners as the most sustainable destination in Europe. The goal is 10% increased tourists in and around the small harbours. The sharing of a common vision and an agreed goal is a great step forward to secure successful implementation of the many activities. The implementation of activities will centre around the small harbours. Visitors will arrive in the small harbours from the sea, with cars, hiking or biking. They will use the small harbours as the departure point for exploring the heritage and planning the on-ward journey.


Achiving a common understanding and an agreed vision was a solid success for the technical experts and the coordinators. The future activities can all work towards the achievement of increased number of visitors in and around the small harbours.

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